The MBS HR advisory service fulfils the function of up skilling and coaching the HR teams and individuals in the people side of the business. Providing them with the necessary skills and techniques. The key to a healthy organisation is a healthy HR, as this balances both the organisations and people needs, creating a holistically healthier organisation.

Below is a list of HR subjects which we currently advise on:
  • Mental health support
  • Absenteeism management and reduction
  • Temporary and permanent disability management
  • Functional capacity assessments, reporting and advisory
  • Return to work support and care
  • On-site crisis management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Substance Abuse management
  • Dealing with terminally ill employees – individual and group
  • Bursary student support
  • HR Special areas: difficult employees, relocation support, re-integration, retention advisory,
  • Tailored HR Workshops: Resilience, Disability awareness, Corporate acculturation, Mental Health, Conflict management, Group cohesion, performance excellence, personal productivity